What to Know Before your Wedding Day

So this is it! A few days from now and you’ll be marrying your one true love. I know that you feel nervous right now, wondering if everything will be as perfect as planned. Don’t worry, I know that your wedding day will be special, solemn, and unforgettable.

What to Know Before your Wedding Day

Here are some things that you should know before your wedding day to make sure you’re all prepared for it:

  • Pack up your flats.

If you’re going to wear heels for the majority of your wedding day, you might want to bring a pair of flats. Wearing heels, although your accustomed to it, will cause shooting pains on your leg towards the end of the day, which may affect your mood by that time. To make sure that you’ll enjoy your wedding day and your feet won’t hurt, it might be helpful to bring some flats. The flats will enable you to walk around and greet your guests as well dance to your heart’s content without hurting your feet.

  • Consider doing hair and makeup trials.

Some brides do not like the way their hair and their makeup look like on their wedding day and if this happens to you, redoing your look might cause some unexpected delays and problems. To make sure you absolutely like your hair and makeup, you might consider doing a trial for each. Hair and makeup trials will give you an idea on how you’ll look on your wedding day as well as give you the chance to make changes as you see fit.

  • Give yourself some time to relax.

Perhaps this is the most important tip that you need to do before your wedding day. Breathe, give yourself some buffer time before the big day. Go to the spa, relax, and pamper yourself so you’ll look relaxed and beautiful when you walk down the aisle.

These are just some of the tips that you need to do before your wedding day. And before I forget, make sure you book a photographer to help you capture the moments of your special day. You might want to look for wedding photographer Houston for affordable yet high quality service.

And in the moment that your love bears a fruit, look for a newborn photographer Chicago and let him or her take photos of your wonderful little bundle of joy.

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Minimal + White Wedding Inspiration

If you’re like me and likes simple and minimalist designs then an all white theme is a good idea for your wedding. A white minimalist theme will definitely give that fresh yet simple feel to your wedding.

Minimal + White Wedding Inspiration

Like I said, I like simplicity and a plain white wedding dress is something to consider when you’re going for that kind of look. Don’t take plain as a bad word though. Imagine stylish draping on your dress that will create a beautiful flowing effect when you walk down the aisle. Also, try playing with the different necklines to express your personal style. If draping is not for you, try adding some white lace to your dress which can add some texture and design. I think that a pair of pearl earrings would look really chic with this.

Decorate your cake with a lace or pattern to achieve an effortlessly elegant design. You can also choose a clean and smooth coating of fondant if you don’t like patterns. Adding edible flowers (fondant or actual edible flowers) to each tier of your cake is also a great idea. Whether you like a square cake or a round cake, an all-white cake is perfect for any wedding theme.

Having your reception in an all white room will definitely add to the simplicity. For the table setting, you can limit your decoration to a few candles set up in the middle of the table.  Set up candles (that varies in height) placed in candle holders that are either white or clear so that it is cohesive with the theme. Still looking for someone to document the special moments in your wedding? Des Moines Iowa Wedding Photographer will capture all those special moments and more.

The look and feel of the wedding is not complete without flowers. You can also add a simple floral arrangement of any flower in season at the time of your wedding. You can choose to have just one type of flower or mix it up and create a small bunch for the bride’s and her maids’ bouquets as well as the decorations.

I’m sure you also want your guests to have fun on your special day. Hire Pittsburgh Wedding DJs to get your guests on their feet in your wedding reception!

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5 Bridal Trends for 2014

The New Year is here and I’m sure many of you brides-to-be are looking for some fresh new trends for this wedding season. Every bride is looking for that special something that would make their wedding more sweet, heartfelt and special. Well, here are 5 bridal trends to look out for this year:

  • Shades of Pink. Peaches, nudes, blushes, different shades and tones of pink would be a great color scheme for your wedding. Fandango (purple/pink), salmon pink and grey is just one color combination that would give your wedding a sweet touch. Pink is a great choice especially when paired with a nude or neutral color.5 Bridal Trends for 2014
  • Color splash. Other colors such as navy blue, yellow, aqua and coral are great colors in contrast with the generally white theme of a wedding. Having a splash of color like aqua or yellow would definitely liven up your table setting. Want the colors of your wedding to be as beautiful in pictures? Raleigh wedding photographers is a great choice for capturing those vibrant colors along with your priceless moments.
  • Lush, beautiful flower arrangements. From centerpieces and decorations to flower garlands, flowers play a big role in a wedding. Find out which flowers are in season for your wedding to get fresh and beautiful arrangements.
  • Pattern-themed weddings. Patterns are great in adding more details in the decorations for the wedding. It can be added to the invitations, table setting, cakes and even the bridesmaid dresses. Choose from many different patterns such as polka dots, chevron, stripes, geometric shapes, and floral patterns.5 Bridal Trends for 2014
  • Simple elegance. Waiters are usually wearing formal wear while serving in weddings but this time they are no longer serving fancy food. Elegant yet family style food presentation. Food is no longer being served per plate but instead the guests are encouraged to help themselves to the food. In a way, the reception becomes more fun and interactive. Make these fun moments last with Wedding Photographer Houston.


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Tips for Choosing the Best Wedding Hairstyles

Your wedding should be a very special day. Now, you may be stressed about so many things that you need to take care of- food, guest list, reception, and the likes but you should not forget that you must look your best during your wedding.

One of the best ways to look extremely beautiful on your wedding day is to choose the best hairstyle for you. There are many wedding hairstyles to choose from but picking the one which will suit your face shape and your dress will make you look immaculately gorgeous on your special day!

Tips for Choosing the Best Wedding Hairstyles

Here are some tips that you can use for you to be able to choose the best wedding hairstyle for you:

  • Match your hairstyle with the neckline of your dress.

There are many factors that you need to consider in choosing your wedding hairstyle and one of the most important of these is the neckline of your dress. You should make sure that your hairstyle and the detailing of your dress’ neckline does not hide or class with each other. For example, if you’re wearing a one-shoulder dress with the left strap, wear your hair up to the left side or on a loose-side bun so that you won’t lose the detailing of your one-shoulder dress.

  • Consider the weather

Another factor that you need to consider in choosing the best wedding hairstyle for you is the weather. As you know, weather affects the hair so much that you need to be prepared for it, especially if it’s your wedding day. Here are some tips that might help you:

Hot and Dry Weather: If you’re prone to greasy hair and your wedding day’s weather forecast is hot and dry, you should ensure to moisturize your hair weeks before your special day. Have a deep conditioning treatment and a trim at least three days before your wedding. If you can, stay away from the blow-dryer as this is one of the main factors why hair gets dull and dry.

Cold and Dry Weather: A cold and dry weather usually means dry and static-ky hair. Just like heat, cold tends to rob the moisture off your hair so it is best to condition your hair regularly before your wedding day. Avoid styling your hair with irons, curlers, and such, as this makes your hair brittle and dry. A good wedding hairstyle during a cold and dry weather is something that keeps you cozy yet stylish: opt for a classic ponytail or let your hair down and accentuate it with pearl clip-ons or a simple flower headband.

  • Color-coordinate.

If you plan to use hair accessories for your wedding hairstyle, make sure that you color coordinate. Consider the color of your dress and your other accessories when choosing the accessories you’ll incorporate in your wedding hairstyle.

There are many wedding hairstyles to choose from and we make sure that you’ll look beautiful when you choose the best possible hairstyle for you.

Now that your hairstyle is taken care of, don’t forget to preserve the wonderful memories of your wedding day! Orange County Wedding Photography is known for their excellent service and their talented photographer.

Another good option is the Raleigh Wedding Photography. You can also browse their site to get some wedding hairstyle inspiration from the couples that they have worked with.

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Things to Ask a Wedding Photographer

Getting married is probably one of the most stress-filled but exciting events to plan. One aspect of a wedding is its wedding photography. It is also considered one of the most expensive things that couples have to spend on their wedding day. To be able to come up with the best photos to last a lifetime, the couple and the photographer should first and foremost get to meet each other and build a rapport so that capturing photos is a breeze and the couple can relax so they look great in photos. In order for the couple and the photographer to be able to relax around each other and to work efficiently, there are some things that should be put out in the open.

Can you do an impromptu photo slideshow of the wedding ceremony at the reception?

An effective wedding photographer Toronto should be able to do an on-site editing to show to the wedding party at the reception. The slideshow is composed of photos taken during the wedding ceremony.

Things to Ask a Wedding Photographer

Do you have an assistant photographer?

Most photographers work in tandems or in a team so that there are two or more cameras working and capturing priceless moments in different perspectives. There will also be more pictures to choose from on which to print the best.

If we decide for a destination wedding, will you or your team charge extra for the travel?

While it is understood that the couple will shoulder the airfare, hotel accommodations and food of the photographers, there are some who still charge extra to do destination weddings. This aspect should be stated clearly in the contract to avoid confusion when billing time comes.

What services are included in your wedding packages?

Ask the photographer beforehand if he does engagement photo shoots. They are very popular right now, and if he does, will it be included in the wedding photography package or is it a separate contract altogether? In case you need social media services, you may check out great deals from buyrealmarketing.com.

If the wedding reception lasts longer and the number of hours stipulated in the contract was used up, will there be an additional charge?

There may be instances when the wedding reception will not start at the agreed time for several reasons, and may also not end in the specified time. There are photographers who no longer charge extra for the extra hour or two of photo coverage, but most will do.

When will our photo book, prints and soft copy be delivered?

It may take several weeks to a few months before proofs will be delivered because there will be editing and arrangements to be done to the photos so that each and every photo will come out perfect, even if when they were taken there were a few photo bombers. Editing photos are very time-consuming, so expect to wait long for the proofs.

How do you like your payments?

Most wedding photographers prefer checks or cash for their payments. Some agree on installments, and some, especially the big photography companies, accept credit cards as payments. This is one of the first things that should be discussed when the photographer has agreed to take on the project.

You can also checkout and bookmark New Jersey Newborn Photographer for professional newborn photography you may need one day.

Things to Ask a Wedding Photographer

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Wedding Photography Contract – Why is it Important?

When you get caught in the middle of a wedding frenzy season, as a wedding photographer, you must not neglect the most basic principle in your profession –drawing the photography contract. Some photographers tend to forget this important aspect in their business. Of course, there must be an element of trust between you and your client, but a written contract must always be in order to make sure there will not be any misunderstandings later on. For Denver Wedding Photographers, an express agreement with their clients comes as soon as a confirmation is made.

Wedding Photography Contract – Why it is Important?

Specifications to be included in a contract

You do not want to appear as only after the compensation, but you have to consider that business is business. What are you in wedding photography career anyway, if not to earn money? Therefore in your contract of agreement, the next specification to be made after the preliminary clauses on the personal details of the client and the event is the payment. Indicate the kind and extent of service you will render and other attachments such as bonus shots or on location shoot. You need to explicitly indicate your rates and include the discounts or perks that your clients are entitled to depending on which package they want. Specify as well the terms of payment, the down payment and what type of credit card account is honored by your business.


After the wedding ceremony, the reception eventually follows. This can put you in an awkward situation because, although you are a part of the whole occasion, you are not among the invited guests. So where and how will you have your meals? Confirm from your client about this arrangement. Weddings can extend to hours on end and it is but normal you will go hungry and need to eat. Therefore you have to include in the contract that at a certain hour in the reception, you also need to have your meals. It will be up to the clients now if they will give you a seat in the reception hall or you will just be provided food in a designated place. Do not forget however that you are the photographer and you cannot afford to be sitting long for your meal.

Copyright and creative control

As a wedding photographer, you reserve the right over your works. Although you have a paying client, your work is your property unless you stipulate in the contract that you surrender your rights after delivering the finished products. Should you make it your policy to relinquish your creative rights, make sure you create an individual design for every client to make each work different and unique.

Reservation fees

Just like a Wedding Photographer Orange County CA, you need the assurance that your client will not back out upon reservation or booking. If you accept their booking and all of a sudden they withdraw, you have no protection whatsoever. Therefore you have to collect a booking fee from them so that in the event that the contract does not push through, you will not be losing income in the process.

Wedding Photography Contract – Why it is Important?

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Wedding Photography Guide for the Blushing Bride

As the bride, you are the most important personality on your wedding day. It is but right that you are given all the attention. It is but right that you are the focus of the whole event.

To make this milestone truly unforgettable not just in your memory but also in print, you have to ensure that everything goes smoothly with your chosen photography services. Choosing the person who will document and capture each moment is important. But you don’t just rely on the talent and skills of your photographer. You can also do some things to ensure that your wedding photos come out good.

Schedule a Pre-Wedding Shoot

We know how busy the days leading to your wedding probably is but you have to squeeze in time for a pre-wedding shoot to check on your best angles. Let’s face it. Those magazine-worthy bridal poses do not just happen. They are rehearsed, they are planned. If you want the same for your wedding photos, you must make time to practice your poses.

A pre-wedding shoot is also the best time to bond with your Raleigh Wedding Photographers so you will feel comfortable with them behind the lens. While you cannot always pick a friend to photograph you on your wedding day, you can always try to be friends with your chosen photographer.

Wedding Photography Guide for the Blushing Bride

If you can time your wedding shoot with your dress rehearsal, that’s better. Your wedding day is not the best day to be experimental with your hair and makeup. They, too, must be planned. So, schedule your gown fitting and hair and makeup rehearsal along with your pre-wedding shoot.

Also, let your voice be heard. Air your suggestion, your thoughts. They matter, most definitely.

Mind about the Technicals

The lighting, the background, the angles – they are none of your business but your photographer’s. What you should be thinking about are your poses, how you are going to hold your bouquet, what smile will not look awkward, etc.

Practice your poses and smiles in front of a mirror so you will know which will look good on you. Practice will help you feel comfortable with your own skin as well. If you have seen it looking good on you, you will feel more confident leading to that day itself.

Check out the sample poses on bridal mags, online, or ask your photographer about the possible poses you could experiment on and practice them at home. It is best that your photographer is walking you through the right poses so he will know where to get his perfect angles.

Be Comfortable

This is your big day. There is no better way to come out looking good in pictures than to be comfortable, have fun, go crazy. Showing off and not holding off will help make your register looking better; Pretenses and stress will surely reflect. Keep those in mind to help psyche yourself that it is best to enjoy every second, every minute of your big event. This is also true when you are looing for a Chicago Newborn Photographer.

Wedding Photography Guide for the Blushing Bride

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How to Get a Lot of Followers on Instagram

It’s boring when you only have very few followers on Instagram. You can buy followers on Instagram so that your Instagram users will see that you have a solid following. Bought followers are not real Instagram users, instead they are bots prompted to follow your account, which can help users to attract more followers Here are a few tips on how you can get real followers on Instagram.

1.    Tie up your Facebook account with Instagram. Facebook has recently bought Instagram for a cool $1 billion. Since then you can already sync the two accounts so that your Instagram photos are also seen by your Facebook friends. This is a good way in getting more followers. You may have Facebook friends who are not yet followers of your Instagram account, and if they see that they like your posts on Instagram, they might just follow you.

How to Get a Lot of Followers on Instagram

2.    Use significant hashtags. When making use of hashtags, do not just combine a series of words just so you have a hashtag. Make sure that you use a common hashtag appropriate for your photo. Your photo will be included in the archive of the hashtag and when users search for that particular hashtag, your photo will be one of them, and of it catches the eye of a user, you will be most likely followed.

3.    Do not overdo your photo uploads. Just like in Facebook, we get lazy when we see a friend has just uploaded dozens and dozens of photos at once. We no longer have the urge to open each photo and view it. Be subtle in posting photos. The fewer photos you upload at a time, the more users will be able to see it and in turn follow you.

4.    Follow many other Instagram users and like the photos they share. Instagram users usually do not follow other users who have very few followers, save for their close friends and family. To promote our page, follow other users and like the photos they share. Doing so will gain you more followers in no time.

5.    Edit your photos and add effects. Sharing photos is never complete without adding filters and other effects on them. There are countless photo editing apps, paid and for free, that you can download and use in your Instagram. Collages can also be made so followers and potential followers alike get to see several of your photos at once. Enjoy editing your photos and make them look interesting and pretty to look at.

How to Get a Lot of Followers on Instagram

6.    Do not overdose on hashtags. Although Instagram allows up to thirty hashtags to be used on every photo, it is not wise to overdose your single post with so many hashtags. Avoid spamming your followers’ feeds. And it does not look good to have so many hashtags on one single photo. Use only the most relevant ones, and your photo will surely reach many people in the Instagram world.

How to Get a Lot of Followers on Instagram

If you keep these things in mind and you have gained followers of your Instagram posts, you can still buy Instagram followers so that the number of followers will entice others to follow you. If you keep your Instagram account interesting and full of fun photos, you will surely gain a lot more followers.

Get 500 Instagram Followers

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Precious Newborn Moments Held Captive

Precious Newborn Moments Held Captive

Nothing can mean more than this precious moment caught just at the right time by Chicago Illinois Newborn Photographer.

Nowadays, newborn photography is all the rage, a great way to keep precious moments of your bundle of joy well-documented. There is something about infants that make them wonderful subjects for photographs. They are simply beautiful with those innocent expressions, with not a care in the world. And because you are a proud parent, you would want to get the best people for the job, the experts in the business of newborn photography.

Normally, people are able to have a pretty good idea by simply visiting the websites of different professional photographers and reviewing the different images presented. Then, there is the matter of price. Although it may be tempting to pick out a photographer based on rate that is offered, this is not a very good idea. You may not be happy with the result. Still, with a little research, you may discover the Chicago Illinois Newborn Photographer that is perfect for your needs.

A Few Things to Consider when Choosing a Newborn Photographer

  • Make inquiries as to whether a newborn photographer has attended special workshops and other types of training in taking photographs of newborns. Because of all of the information offered on the web nowadays, people can learn a lot on their own. However, you will need to entrust your baby’s photographs to professionals who have undertaken special training in the art of newborn photography if you want them perfectly done.
  • Make sure that the newborn photographer you choose has had enough experience in taking photos of newborns. Taking pictures of babies is not a very easy task, and it takes people who have acquired enough knowledge in this specialized field to come up with photographs that perfectly capture the adorable expressions of an infant.
  • Do ask how long the newborn photographer has been handling babies during photo shoots. The experts would tell you that infants are very different from one another. A good photographer would be able to know what the best pose for a baby would be, depending on his or her unique personality.
  • Find out what sort of props your newborn photographer has available for more creative pictures of your baby. A lot of great newborn pictures you will see depict infants with little props such as blankets, hats, baskets, etc. If your photographer has an ample supply of various things for infants, this can give you an idea of how seriously he takes his craft.


Brittany of Juliana Leigh Photography is married to Jeff, and mother to daughters Cassidy Leigh, Olivia Juliana and son Crew. She has a passion for teaching and photography. She captures and creates long memories that leave a lasting and profound impression. Catch her at her studio in 18132 Edgar Pl, Tinley Park, IL 60487.


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Getting Over Wedding Worries

Getting Over Wedding Worries

Many people associate weddings with ecstasy and good cheer. Not so for the people who are actually getting married! This turning point in life is often the cause of much headaches and tensions. Fortunately, you can overcome them through surprisingly simple methods.

Des Moines Iowa wedding photographers capturing a very happy moment.

Understanding the Jitters

Many analysts will be quick to tell you that the more you don’t understand something, the more power it holds over you. Bring your fears into daylight and understand these anxieties. It is very likely that you are worried about the ceremony not being perfect enough, or that something unexpected may pop up in your wedding. Understand that your fear magnifies your perceived threats  - don’t feed it! Do your best in the planning and let the future fall where it will.

To help yourself further, pay attention to what you’re scared of. You may talk to someone you trust about it, perhaps a married couple who were successfully wed without mishaps. List your concerns and see if you can do anything to address them. If some things are beyond your control, at least you’ve let your worries out of your system and you’ll feel a bit better.

Freeing Yourself from Bugging Emotions

As mentioned, coming into terms with your emotions make you more capable of handling it. Once you acknowledge your feelings and what’s causing them, you will see your vague feelings of discomforts more clearly. When you’ve brought it up into conscious awareness, you can then decide what to do with your feelings. If you want, you can let go of those negative feelings and choose to be excited instead.

Involving Yourself in the Pre-Wedding Process

The unknown normally gives us dread, and this is expected. On the other hand, if you make decisions for your wedding, you will gain a feeling of control. However, take care not to overdo it because overworking yourself with pre-wedding affairs is stressful. Allot time to plan the details and time to regain perspective.

Accepting that it’s Okay to Be Nervous

It is likewise stressful if you hate what you’re feeling. But before you go into a self-berating tirade about how you should be happy and sure of being married, know that it’s actually a good thing if you’re on the edge right now. That means you are emotionally invested with your decision and you want everything to turn out well. Don’t attempt to deny yourself of what you’re feeling because repressed emotions tend to get stronger until you pay attention. Give yourself permission to feel, turn the emotion into something positive, and release the energy.

Enjoying the Entire Thing

Weddings could be the happiest moment of one’s life if they allow it. What can stop them from enjoying their big day? These are things to look out for: perfectionism, insecurities, getting mired in the small things, unsolved emotional issues, lack of preparations, and inability to cope with the stress. What can solve them all? Finding your true happiness. Make sure that you really would love to get married and celebrate the decision. De Moines Iowa wedding photographers will capture the joy of the moments and inspire you for many years after the event.


Brad and Chyla are a husband and wife team whose passion is capturing those beautiful moments in a wedding and crafting them into images that will last a lifetime. Their studio is at 1489 Hogback Bridge Road, Winterset, IA 50072 United States. Call them at (515) 664-7969.

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